calligraphy & custom invitation curation

Golden Hour Paper blossomed from a girl with a dream that had been stifled for far too long. She complained in high school that there weren't calligraphy classes offered, would hand-letter posters to hang anywhere and everywhere, and stops longer than the average person to look at letters (whether they be diner signs, graffiti, or manholes lining the streets of NYC).

Golden Hour Paper strives for creative excellence in the wedding paper market. With custom lettering, fitting the style and story of clients, the goods curated will make a lasting first impression on the recipients of their wedding invitation.

            Beauty surrounds us in creation and there is nothing like receiving an impeccable and gorgeous letter in your mailbox. The sparked curiosity of what could be inside, seeing your name printed in beautiful letterforms, and knowing there is even more treasure inside. Oh and sometimes the difficulty of having to wait to open it until your spouse, family, or others to arrive home!


The Idea

Wedding invitations set the tone for what guests can expect on your wedding day. What better way to do that than with invitations that represent your love story and invite them to be a part of it? 

First Impressions

Have you ever received a beautiful piece of mail in your mailbox? Felt the anticipation of what was inside?  Golden Hour is here to hand curate a wedding suite, with envelopes and vintage postage (to boot!) that reflects you and yours as you invite people to join you on your wedding day.  


Style & Quality

Golden Hour Paper specializes in organic calligraphic letterforms and the use of color and texture to meet each client's specific desires. We love working on unique projects that glimpses into our clients' stories: where they met/fell in love/will be married/will live, what they love (ice cream, pugs, pad thai, baseball...), or any other aspect they would like to include in their invitation suite.

100% Handmade

All design for our clients is done in house and then sent to our trusted printing partners (Atmosphere Printing Co.) for the highest quality and 100% handmade printing around. 

Personal & hands-on customer service

As a small business Golden Hour Paper has the ability to take time to know our customers, work closely with them, and create invitations that they and their guests will love ....which we think is pretty darn important when you are planning for your wedding day!